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Donation to Peter McDonnell for Lias at St Giles

Hi Dean,

Thank you and SEDCOM for all your generosity and help.

I am supporting Lias at St Giles, because when I was a child, the education authority deemed me to be disabled, as a result I was sent to this school, a very challenging experience for a five year old, four years later I was released.

The school now looks after very severely disabled children, with 120 staff looking after 100 children a pretty intensive operation. They are looking to raise £50k to build an outdoor sensory area. To date we have about £3,500 in the pot, with an AFPA event scheduled for November, with luck we should raise another £10k plus the odd Late Lunch contribution, a bit more. Personally I’d like to see £25k in the pot by year end.

The £500 from SEDCOM is a great help towards the target.

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