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Life of an engineer during Covid-19 Lockdown

“Due to COVID-19 I have been working from home like most of the world. Around the 4-5 week mark of being in lockdown, it was starting to take a toll on my mental state and stress levels. If it wasn’t for the support and help of my colleagues at Sedcom I wouldn’t have been able to cope with this continued lockdown.

However, it’s not been all bad news since being on lockdown, I’ve been able to learn about new technologies and help implement new client infrastructures which I might not have been able to do if I wasn’t working from home. This will allow me to better myself within Sedcom and also allow me to help our client more efficiently.

The other great benefit of working from home is being able to rock out of bed a bit later and not have to pay travel costs (which are reimbursed). The upside/downside of this is that there’s more money to spend on Amazon :)”

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