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Why HR was important during COVID

Human Resources has always been an important cog in any company workplace but since the COVID-19 outbreak, Human Resources is probably one of the most important roles in the workplace. Ensuring that, as an employer, we are doing the right thing for our employees to keep them safe whilst still being able to carry out their duties is paramount.  Making sure we keep up with the latest news and following the guidelines is key. Human Resources involves a huge chunk of Health and Safety and ultimately, that is what we are concentrating on more than anything right now.

Many changes have needed to be implemented which started with all employees working from home to ensure the safety of everyone following Lockdown.  This, in turn, meant working from home policies needed to be put in place to protect us as a business as well as our employees. At Sedcom, the mental health of our staff has always been important to us but since the COVID-19 outbreak, we wanted to ensure that all our employees have access to our free 24/7 helpline offering counseling or just support to any issues work-related or personal, financial worries, anxiety during these extraordinary times.  Given the I.T industry Sedcom is part of, engineers still need to make site visits to our customers to ensure they can still work effectively, so, during these difficult times, we had to ensure that it is safe for our engineers to do so.  Therefore, we needed to produce a Risk Assessment to pass to any customers prior to a site visit to protect our engineers as well as our customer’s safety.

Checking in on staff whilst we’re not working in the office, not seeing each other every day, bouncing ideas off each other, and keeping each other upbeat, is something we felt has been paramount during these challenging times.

The greatest asset of our company are our people.

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