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Sedcom Networks is an information technology support solutions company which specialises in supporting companies within the City of London and the South East districts with 10 – 250 employees. We are confident that we can provide you with an effective and efficient service that allows you to concentrate on your core business whilst we take care of your IT infrastructure at a very affordable and competitive price.

Sedcom’s IT support agreements are tailored to meet your business needs, whether this involves our partial involvement, or our managing a fully outsourced IT infrastructure. Our services are delivered by our own award-winning resource team of IT professionals, many of whom have been part of Sedcom since its inception in 2007. 

Over the years, we’ve found the IT estates for most small-medium sized businesses who approach us have grown and developed organically, with new technologies plugged and patched into existing systems.  While this sprawling process allows a business to move forward in the short term, efficiencies are often compromised, where IT systems and networks become over complex and unintentionally ‘very expensive’ to operate and manage. This is why we believe in the importance of having an early understanding of our clients’ business needs, following which we can quickly demonstrate improvements to efficiency, performance, data security (inc. compliance with the looming EU-GDPRegulations) and cost savings across the entire IT estate (irrespective of its size of operation).

It remains our overriding aim for Sedcom to develop strong trust with our clients, as we feel only by doing this will we create a valid, lasting relationship. 

Superior I.T. Solutions

The SEDCOM team is structured to make sure we provide our clients with a quality and professional service.

A member of the management team will have an in depth discussion with you and may then visit your site so we can develop a bespoke package for your needs.

We mainly support companies in The South East of England but we also support international clients as far away as  Puerto Rico.

The Sedcom telephone support desk is open between 8am – 6pm.

Sedcom are also able to provide support outside of these hours if required.

Our Skills

A summary of our core services we can help you with:

When it comes to getting the IT support you need, we are able to offer a flexible IT contract to suit your business, helping to ensure maximum value from your budget.

Your business is successful; it’s developing and growing. All good news, we can advise you the best way to develop your IT infrastructure and systems,

We offer a range of customised hosting solutions for small to medium-sized businesses looking to streamline their IT infrastructure, reduce costs, increase uptime and achieve the level of efficiency needed to remain competitive.

A growing business requires existing IT systems to keep pace with demand. It involves developing IT software and applications, adapting them to carry out new tasks, handle new workloads or support new requirements.

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