Network Security Services for Business

Using a range of tools and methods, we comprehensively verify the level of security across your business network, identifying potential vulnerabilities.

In addition, we can also offer professional advice and recommendations on the actual level of risk and the best ways to reduce it – protecting your business and your customers’ data.

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What is Network Security?

By network security, we mean the strength of your business IT network. As a business, your business network is likely to have sensitive data whether that be customer details or important business information. 

Is your business network secured against bad-faith actors? That’s where we can help.

Business Cyber Security Threats

As technology becomes more advanced, so do cyber security threats. With the advent of new technology comes new ways for people to target businesses. Here are some of the most prevalent cyber security threats to business at the moment.


A relatively new threat facing small businesses, ransomware attacks have been on the rise in recent years. As many as 75% of ransomware attacks target small businesses with an average ransom demand of £85,000

There has been a much-publicised spate of ransomware attacks on governments around the world, with hacker organisations holding local and national governments to ransom by infiltrating infrastructure. That’s what you’ll see in the news, but not the pervasive threat to small business everywhere. 

Malware Cyberattacks

A long-standing cyber threat, malware is nearly as old as the internet itself. What does malware mean? It is essentially malicious code that can be remotely inserted into a business work, allowing hackers to gain access to that network. With this access, they can steal and destroy data. 

What is particularly galling about malware attacks is that they can completely obliterate some devices, meaning there is a large cost to repair or replace those devices, not to mention the intangible cost of losing sensitive data. 

Business Phishing Attacks

Perhaps the most prolific cyber threat facing business today. Phishing attacks target everyone from vulnerable individuals like the elderly, to businesses. 

Phishing attacks have advanced a long way from the ‘Foreign Prince’ days and accounts for nearly 9 billion pounds of damages around the world. 

With technical trickery, people are being convincely scammed out of huge sums of money because hackers are capable of really cunning disguise online. 

Phishing is effective because they aren’t targeting technological weakness, they are targeting human weaknesses in the staff of businesses. So your biggest vulnerability for phishing attacks is your own staff. Train them up and make sure they know how to spot a phishing attack. Or get us to!

Poor Password Security  

Again, sometimes the weakest link of a business, when it comes to cyber attacks, is the staff. If staff and management aren’t using robust security protection for sensitive information, these could be easily hacked. 

A study revealed that just under 20% of enterprise users (employees, staff etc) use weak passwords meaning they are easy to guess, or have already been compromised and leaked. 

Toughen up your passwords and make sure your staff are vigilant!

Insider Attacks

It may sound like we’re being tough on the staff, but it is quite common in a business for many people to have access to extremely sensitive data that they probably don’t need to have access to. 

We hope that you do have a strong cohesive unit as your staff, but a disgruntled employee can do a lot. We hear stories of people who are looking to set up their own shop and they can do a lot of damage on the way out. 

Having a strong education and awareness of cyber security within your organisation can help protect against an insider threat.


How to Secure a Business Network

As cybersecurity experts, it’s our job to stay up to date on all cyber threats faced by businesses in the UK. We’ve seen it all and keep ourselves educated and knowledgeable on how to protect business networks against these kinds of threats. 

So one way to secure your business network is to call in the cybersecurity buffs!

Here’s how we can help to secure your business network: 

We don’t just help with technological support, but by providing the correct information and knowledge for you to move forward with solid cyber security plans and processes in place. 

​​ISO:27001 is a benchmark for MSP’s. If your provider doesn’t currently adhere to this standard, how secure is your data?

Accredited Cyber Security Experts

As an ISO:27001 accredited company, you can be confident that we adhere to the highest data security standards

Flexibility For Your Business

Most of our services can be enjoyed on a monthly MSSP model ensuring you keep your hard earned cash in the bank a little longer. This model also ensures a greater level of flexibility for our customers as licenses can increase and decrease depending on the need of the customer

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