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The move to digital has been ongoing for many years. Established businesses and giant names have been increasing their online offering and as we become more computer-literate and digital natives occupy more and more of the consumer market, websites are becoming less of a choice and more of a requirement for businesses. 

Even if you’re a small service provider, the Yellow Pages days are over. 

If you’re not a techy person, then the process of setting up a website can be extremely daunting. There are a few things you need to set up and get in place, one of those being website hosting.

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What is Website Hosting?

Without getting too technical, the internet is made up of ‘servers’ and ‘clients’. Where you ‘host’ the website is basically the servers that holds all the information of your website, essentially where the website ‘lives’ so that it can be served to ‘clients’, otherwise known as users. 

Hosting a website requires dedicated server space for people to download your website files onto their computer so they can go onto it and use it.

What is Managed Website Hosting?

Managed website hosting means that you go to a provider to loan you a server on which to host your website, but the provider manages that server themselves. This is what we can do. 

We create the server space for you, but we keep our eyes on it and maintain it ourselves. 

Cloud Website Hosting at Sedcom

So now we know what website hosting is, managed hosting is and why you need it for your website. All those servers and management, sounds expensive right?
We utilise cloud website hosting to reduce real physical server costs and maintenance and pass those savings on to you.

Cloud hosting is robust, agile and 24/7. 

Why Choose Sedcom Over Big Hosting

There are some well-known website hosting providers, but big doesn’t always necessarily mean better. In June 2021, a slew of the world’s biggest websites went down because of a single bug in a giant content delivery network. 

This outage cost many millions and just goes to show that just because the scale of the service provider is massive, that it doesn’t mean they match your needs as a business. 

We manage our servers ourselves, we work with small businesses and we’re on call to help! Quite simply, the big boys aren’t able to provide the same level of personalisation or human service that we can.

Personalised Service 

No one-size-fits-all hosting solution, talk to us to get a personalised hosting arrangement for your website.

Robust Performance & Support

Our cloud servers offer strong performance, and as a small business helping other small businesses we are here to help! No call centres, no long queues.

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