Professional Network Auditing by IT Experts

For many businesses, the IT network is the beating heart of operations. You have your talented staff, your expert knowledge, your brilliant customers, but the network is helping bring that all together. 

However, it is often one of the most neglected aspects of a business. It’s easy for network health checks to fall by the wayside when you’ve got a to-do list that’s longer than your arm. 

Our team of qualified and accredited engineers and technicians can do a complete health check, so you know exactly what state your network is in.

It may bring you some peace of mind, or it may identify some spanners in the works so you can deal with those before it becomes a problem. 

Enquire with us today, and keep reading to find out more about network auditing.

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What is Network Auditing?

Network Auditing is the process of gathering data about an IT network to then analyse and assess what this data tells us about the network. The intended outcome of such an audit is to get an idea of the network’s:

  • Performance 
  • Security
  • Cost

These three key factors are essential and by seeing where we can improve on all three, we can identify great business opportunities.

Why is Network Auditing Important?

Network auditing is important because the network is the glue that holds a modern business together. 

If your network is not performing at its best, an audit could reveal some opportunities to increase your revenue or save time which in turn opens up a lot of doors for your business.

If your network is insecure, then you’re open to being very negatively impacted. Your business could be infiltrated by bad-faith actors and the implications could be far-reaching and severe.

If your network is being mismanaged, you can see how to tighten up your operations which can improve your admin, your sales, your CRM and so on. 

The main benefits of network auditing are:

  • Discovering opportunities to increase revenue
  • Finding ways to improve your internal processes and administration
  • Potentially saving huge amounts of time and wasted efforts
  • Increasing the security of your network to protect yourself from a sensitive data breach 
  • Identifying opportunities to cut costs and increase performance in your own network

Why Choose Sedcom to Audit Your Network?

Of course, it is entirely possible to audit your own network if you have the tools and know-how. If you don’t then you’ve got quite a task on your hands.

Cyber security standards and practices are always changing. Technology is moving fast. So the best practice of protecting it is moving fast too. 

As experienced IT consultants, we know where the bodies are buried, we know what to look for and we can work at pace which is pretty handy when time is your most valuable commodity. 

We are a friendly team based in Essex, providing IT support and services to business all over the county and London and we’ve seen it all. No job is too big or too small.

Enquire today to understand more about the health of your network and to get a professional IT consultant opinion on your business network.

Skilled Technicians

We provide a team of highly skilled engineers and technicians who can create a comprehensive and informative audit of your entire business network

Security-Cleared Engineers

All our engineers are security cleared, with industry-recognised qualifications to ensure you benefit from a secure, professional team who are able to provide you with an up to date and clear picture of the health and status of your network.


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