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December Newsletter

Here is our December Newsletter

Would your business survive the 4 beer test this Christmas?

So it’s unlikely you’ll be having a traditional office Christmas party this year. Thanks, Covid, you party-pooper. But I’m sure at least some of your team will find a way to celebrate together over a few beers after work one day. And that’s why it’s worth asking if your
business can pass the 4 beer test. What’s that?

We reckon 4 beers is about the stage where people start to “relax” so much, they start to forget the important stuff. Laptops and mobiles get left in bars and on trains all the time, especially on dark winter nights like these. Thing is – depending on your I.T. setup,
a lost laptop can either be a minor inconvenience. Or a complete disaster.

How can you tell which?

By asking these 3 questions:

• Is it encrypted?
• Is it password protected?
• Can the data be wiped remotely?

If it’s a “yes” to all three, you can relax. It’s annoying you’ve lost your device… but your business’s data is safe. No-one can access it. And if you can’t positively answer all three… uh-oh… problem. These days, the loss of data is a much bigger deal than the loss of a device.

How can your business be more productive?

When you have the right tools, devices, and network in place, your work is made easier; your team is more productive, and that leads to a more profitable business. But did you know that many UK businesses are working with an I.T. infrastructure that simply doesn’t meet their needs? Sure, they have a network that they can access, and they’re using tools that help get the job done. But when you look at their plans for the future, or you speak to their team, you’ll realise they could be doing so much more.

Does this apply to your business to any degree?

Ask yourself: When did you last create a formal business I.T. growth strategy? If your answer is more than a year or two ago – or worse, never – then you have some work to do. And with a new year just weeks away, there is no better time than now. You see, an I.T. strategy is the foundation to moving your business forward. Improving productivity and profit.

New year, new devices?

With a new year just around the corner, it’s time to get everything in place so that you can start the year as you mean to go on. Does that mean that you could do with some new devices in the business?

Perhaps you’re working on
something slow and uncooperative?
• Maybe your device is so old it can
remember dial-up internet?
• Or possibly you just need
something that has the right spec
to allow you to do your job well?

Whatever it is you need, we can help you find the right device, at the right price for you. Stocks of laptops and other devices have been really up and down this year. Production’s clearly been massively affected. So this is one of those things that’ll be easier with some advance planning… don’t leave it to the last minute.

Three questions for you

1. Do you currently have an I.T. support company?
2. How happy are you with them?
3. If the answer isn’t “utterly delighted”, let’s jump on a Zoom


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