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January 2022 Newsletter

Here is our January Newsletter

Technology Predictions for 2022

I can’t promise flying cars, but I can promise there are three areas of business technology that I think will be important this year. Two of them might be new to you, but bring massive opportunities. All is revealed in the newsletter. We’ve been busy reading the business technology predictions for this year. If you’d read these 20 years ago they would have genuinely seemed like science fiction. But now, there’s nothing being predicted for this year that really surprises us

Here is what we expect to take off this year:

Increase in Automation

It’s now possible to make most software talk to most other software. And that makes it easier to automate repetitive tasks. Any time a human has to repeat a task, you can find a way to get the software to automate it for you.

Increase in AI use for Businesses

Artificial Intelligence is no longer just for big businesses. It’s being used within software available to businesses of all sizes. You’re probably benefitting from AI already without being aware of it.

Work From Home

Yes, the “new normal”. It’s not going away. Hybrid working is here to stay. Other predictions include better voice search, such as using Alexa to get answers. And big improvements in battery tech.


What is Juice Jacking?

It can happen if you or your team use free mobile charging stations when out and about. Criminals use the charging cables to access the data on their phones. It’s not yet a widespread threat, but you might choose to buy your team power banks to carry with them instead.

Do you need a Password Manager?

If you and your team aren’t already using a password manager for your business software and applications, is it worth the time and expense of setting one up? In short, yes… yes… YES! A password manager is a great way to protect your business from fraud and cyber-attacks. And as cyber-crime grows and malware attacks increase (which they will continue to do this year), your business should be implementing as much protection as it can to keep your data safe.

Using long randomly generated passwords is one of the basic fundamentals of good data security. But those passwords are a nightmare to remember and type in. Your password manager can not only create very strong passwords, but it will store and encrypt them, and even log you into your accounts at the click of a button. They improve security and make your life easy at the same time.


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