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June 2022 Newsletter

Here is our June Newsletter

Faulty Devices

Did you know two thirds of people working remotely are using faulty devices. And you won’t believe the main reason why… all is revealed in this month’s cover story.

The problems faulty devices can cause your company


An employee’s damaged device is going to impact your team’s productivity with tasks taking longer or becoming more difficult to complete. If they try to fix the problem themselves, they risk causing further damage.


The other issue is that of security. In some cases, your people will stop using their company-issued device, and use a personal device instead. This puts your data at risk as personal devices won’t have the same level of protection and your IT partner can’t monitor them. If they connect to your network, this can leave the door open for cyber criminals.

Malware is becoming increasingly difficult to spot

According to new research, four in five malware attacks delivered by encrypted connections evade detection. Having the right response and recovery plan in place ensures downtime and damage are kept to an absolute minimum. Call us today to help you create your response and recovery plan.


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