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May 2022 Newsletter

Here is our May Newsletter

What apps do you want to see next?

The development of the world’s productivity software has been amazing over the last couple of years. In our lead story this month, we ask you the simple question: If you could wave a magic wand, what application would you like to see to make your business better?

Are you still running your business from your office?

Are your servers, systems and network still all in-house? Or have you – like countless other businesses – moved everything over to the cloud yet?

Benefits of moving your business systems to the cloud

  • It saves you money because you only pay for the data you need rather than having a little bit more ‘just in case’
  • You benefit from a higher level of protection against data breach and theft
  • If you had a disaster in the office such as a burglary or a fire you’d know your data is safe.


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