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October Newsletter

Here is our October Newsletter

No-one likes updating software. Yet keeping all devices up-to-date all the time is one of the most important first lines of data security. It’s a real basic. We explore that in this month’s newsletter.

Also inside this month:

  • Have you heard of dynamite phishing?
  • Be careful before connecting to the public Wi-Fi in the coffee shop
  • How prepared is your business for the inevitable ransomware attack?
  • Plus, the usual tech quiz and fun facts

Software updates: Your businesses  secret data security weapon

You know that feeling when you look in your phone’s app store, and there are 29 apps asking to be updated? Yes, everyone gets annoyed with this sometimes. What’s worse is when you’re working
on your work computer, and software pings up a message saying it needs to be updated.

At least phone apps don’t take long and don’t interrupt you that much. On your computer, it’s too easy to hit “remind me later” and forget it. Often these updates are known as
patches. And they’re there to keep your business safe.

When a vulnerability is found in a piece of software or an operating system, the developers work really fast to create a small update – the patch – that fixes the vulnerability. This is like a plaster until a full update is created.

It’s risky to ignore any updates. A recent study found that today’s top 4 most exploited vulnerabilities were discovered between 2018 and 2020. The fact that they’re still in the top 4 shows that many businesses are skipping updates!

What is Dynamite Phishing?

Dynamite phishing is where “adult content” is emailed to you. The criminals behind it are hoping you’ll click a link and give them access to your computer (that’s what phishing is). It’s often aimed at male names, and there’s been a 974% spike in it recently. Use security software and staff training to stay protected.


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