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September Newsletter

Here is our September Newsletter 

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When the country went into lockdown, many businesses scrambled to help their people work from home.

The “New Normal” for Businesses

When the country went into lockdown, many businesses scrambled to help their people work from home. There was downtime. There was frustration. And some people didn’t always have the tech they needed to make things work as well as they did in the office.

But eventually, most businesses got there. And made things work as best they could. Some of their staff even came to love this new way of working. Now that we’re all beginning our “new normal” (sorry for the cliché), many business owners and managers are becoming a lot more flexible with how they expect their people to work.

Lots of people are choosing to work remotely on a semi-permanent basis. And some are splitting their time between home and the office. Especially useful as the situation remains fluid. Looking forward to the next couple of years then… what you need now is an I.T. infrastructure that’s as flexible as you are.

One that causes no disruption to how you and your team do things, no matter where you are.

How can we help with your “New Normal”?

We’ll help you to look at:
• Your procedures
• The tools and apps you use
• And your devices

To see where you can make simple improvements, that will make everything easier for everyone. Whether your people are in the office or at home, on a tablet or a laptop, it’s day or night… they should be able to pick up where they last left off and not notice a difference.

To check what improvements you can make, we’re now offering an I.T. infrastructure review to local businesses. Before we carry out the review, we’ll need to have a quick
video call (no more than 15 minutes) to discuss your current set-up and to answer any questions you may have.

There’s no obligation to go ahead with the review after our chat, and certainly no obligation to buy anything, ever.


Enquire about our IT services today

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