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August Newsletter

Here is our August Newsletter 

In this edition:

  • 3 scary questions to ask about your data on your staff’s phones
  • Did you know… you can share an exact point in a YouTube video
  • Get more done without hiring more people

3 scary questions to ask about your data on your staff’s phones

More and more businesses encourage staff to use their own personal mobiles to access company data. It’s very convenient and cost-effective for everyone. Isn’t that the point of having all of your data and apps in the cloud? You
can access anything anywhere, on any device. But there are downsides. Any time someone accesses business data on a device that you don’t control, it opens windows of opportunity for cybercriminals.

1. What happens if someone’s phone is lost or stolen?

What’s a pain for them, could be a nightmare for you. Would you be able to encrypt your business’s data or delete it remotely?  Would it be easy for a stranger to unlock the device and access the apps installed?

2. What happens if someone taps a bad link?

Lots of people read their emails on their phones. If they tap on a bad link in a phishing email (a fake email that looks like it’s from a real company), is your business’s data safe? Contrary to popular belief, phones can be hacked in a similar way to your computer.

3. What happens when someone leaves?

Do you have a plan to block their ongoing access to your business’s apps and data? It’s the thing many business owners and managers forget when staff change. If you haven’t already, create a mobile phone security plan to go with your general IT security plan.

Make sure everyone in your business knows what it is, and what to do if they suspect anything is wrong. If you need a hand, don’t forget that a trusted IT security partner (like us)
can give you the right guidance.

Why is Social Media important for Businesses?

It seems like we’re spoilt for choice when it comes to social media. And it feels like a new platform pops up every other week. We’ve gone from MySpace back in the day, to Facebook and Twitter,to Instagram, Snapchat and TikTok. And there are countless other platforms available too.

With that in mind, do you have a social media policy for your business? Do you want your people to align themselves online with your business’s core values? Or would you prefer they distanced themselves from the business?
Do you feel there’s a need for a disclaimer if they do use your business name on their profiles along the lines of ‘opinions and beliefs are my own…’?

How would you deal with an employee who made unprofessional or unacceptable posts, or who’s been caught trolling or harassing someone online? This is all a relatively new problem to deal with, isn’t it? We’d love to hear how you deal with social media in your business, or how you’ve tackled any problematic behaviour on social media before.

Improving Productivity without Hiring Staff

Increasing productivity in your business can be tricky. We like to think our loyal team is working hard and using time wisely. And realistically, many of your people will be doing just that. But just because everyone is working hard, doesn’t mean you’re not still wasting time.

Think about your average week. How long do you or your people spend logging information when you’ve spoken to clients or taken on new business? How many back and forth emails or calls does it take to arrange a meeting at a time to suit everyone? And how about the time you spend creating presentations and fiddling around looking for suitable images, then finding the right place to put them in the slides?

All these little things add up. And as well as being time wasters, they’re probably causing a lot of frustration too. That can lead to demotivated employees. Fortunately, there are literally hundreds of solutions to help you cut down or remove much of this wasted time. And to give your team a motivational boost because their work lives have been made easier. Double win.

But figuring out which of these time saving, productivity boosting apps are right for your business can be tricky. We want to help you. For a short time, we’re offering a time saving assessment to local businesses. Our experts will talk to you about your business and the way you operate. They’ll discuss the apps and software that you’re currently using and the way you’re using them. Then they’ll suggest apps that can help you simplify your

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