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Ergro London to Paris Bike Ride – June 12th 2019

Sedcom’s Dean Rolfe sets off on 300 mile charity bike ride!

In less than 24 hours a team of cyclists, including our very own Dean, depart on our 300 mile charity bike ride from London to Paris in this fine British summertime weather!

Training is done, bike, wet weather gear and sail ready and the support vans are loaded.

Dean would like to say a big thanks to those of you that have sponsored in some way shape or form from Jersey sponsorship to any individual sponsorship you have made.

Collectively the group are looking to raise north of £10k for various charities by the time we finish which would be amazing.

If you do still wish to sponsor and can spare any amount regardless how small (and I know we all get asked some many times now in a year so don’t feel obliged) then please feel free to dig deep and sponsor me on the following link for a very worthy cause:

Dean will be sharing photos from the ride which we will be posting on the Sedcom social media pages alongside this community blog.

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