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July Newsletter

Here is our July Newsletter 

In this edition:

  • How can you use biometrics instead of passwords
  • Did you know…you don’t need a third party app to screen share?
  • Are your employees going to take your business down?

Let’s ditch the passwords

Don’t panic, we haven’t gone completely crazy. We’re still the security-conscious company you know and love.

But passwords are a pain:
• First it was “remember to change your password frequently”
• Then it was “use randomly generated passwords”
• And then “don’t forget to use a password manager”

Things change so often it’s hard to keep up. However, we’re lucky that we’re being given new, more secure ways to keep our people and data protected. And with biometrics becoming more widely used, it’s time you make some more changes to the way you log into your devices. Sorry.

What are biometrics?

You may already be using them – it’s when you use facial or fingerprint recognition to unlock your device. Retinal scanning is even a thing (although not yet widespread for everyday devices). And they give you an added layer of security because someone can’t steal your fingerprint or your face!

You can also use biometrics across your apps and software to give you more protection from cybercriminals. It means that should someone steal your device, or access it remotely, they can’t access your accounts and data. What better way is there to protect your accounts?

Why is Online Privacy important?

Though the vast majority of us would have nothing to hide if someone was monitoring what we do online, we still want our privacy to be respected. Have you ever become concerned about how well targeted online ads are? Or seen adverts relating to something you’ve not typed into a computer… but clearly your device has heard you talking about it?

Recently, a number of steps have been taken to reduce tracking without your specific permission, especially in the latest iPhone iOS. But is it enough? What else do you think needs to be done to
protect our privacy online? Do you find behaviour tracking helpful as you see more targeted content? Would you rather see more targeted adverts online, or do you find it too creepy?

And what about the other side of the coin? As a business owner, what’s your opinion about how you can target a specific audience online?

How to Protect your Business from Insider Attacks?

The threat of an insider attack in your business is more real than you realise. Of course, it’s not always intentional. Most insider attacks happen because of naivety or negligence. Perhaps you haven’t educated your people on cyber security and the red flags to be aware of. Possibly someone had a momentary lapse in judgment. It happens, a lot.

But almost a quarter of insider attacks are malicious. That’s someone on the inside actively stealing your data, or allowing others access to it. This may be someone with a grudge, someone looking for financial gain, or even someone who has already left the business.

So what plan do you have in place to tackle and reduce your risk of an insider attack? Because as with everything in business, planning is the best way to get ahead. And with the estimated cost per insider attack being hundreds of thousands of £££, can you afford not to create a plan to protect your data?

We call it an insider threat strategy, and it covers everything from training to staff exit planning. For a short time, we’re offering to create an insider threat strategy for local businesses. Our experts will assess your business, its current security measures, and make recommendations to keep your data safe.

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