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September Newsletter

Here is our September Newsletter

Are there tasks that you and your team repeat every day? Maybe they can be automated in some way. You’d be surprised how many routine jobs can be automated in some way.

Also inside this month:

  • Many people use the same three passwords across all their apps and services… which is a major security “no no”. Do you think your staff do this? Here’s the answer
  • How to give titles to chats in Teams, so you can find information more easily
  • The hardware requirements to upgrade to Windows 11 (it launches next month)
  • Plus, the usual tech quiz and fun facts

What repeat tasks could you automate?

Do you often find yourself performing the same actions over and over again?

Perhaps they’re important tasks that need to be done on a regular basis. But, ugh, they’re so tedious. Think of the time you could save if you didn’t have to do them. And the collective time your team would save if they didn’t have to do repeat tasks. Removing boring repetitive tasks is great for morale – both yours and your staff.

So why not automate as many of these actions as you can? When you look at task lists with an attitude of “remove it by automating it”, you’ll spot loads of repeat jobs you never need to do again. Hooray! Tasks in payroll; parts of your HR; customer support; management – and even your marketing. There are hundreds of tools available that will integrate with your current apps and systems.

Like Teams, Outlook, and your CRM. They’ll speed things up and save you time and effort. Want to see how automation could help your business?  Talk to us. We can suggest the apps and tools to use with your current systems, to automate more, faster.

Are you ready for the Windows 11 Launch?

In an unprecedented move, Microsoft has changed the minimum system requirements needed to run its operating system if you’re upgrading from 10 to 11. And that’s created a headache for a lot of people. On the plus side, the changes mean you’ll get increased
security, reliability, and compatibility. But it does mean that some of your devices might not be up to spec to upgrade.

Here are the minimum hardware requirements the new OS requires:
• An Intel Core processor from 2017 onwards.
Or AMD Zen processors from 2019 onwards• 4GB of RAM
• 64GB of hard drive storage• Oh, and it all hinges on having a TPM
(Trusted Platform Model) 2.0 chip

While Windows has required all its devices since 2016 to have the TPM chip, many of them haven’t been activated. And that process sounds… technical, to say the least.

When is it time to switch your Technology?

How would you feel if you knew that many of the technology problems you’ve suffered recently could have been avoided entirely? If your current IT support company had a more proactive approach to technology? Back in the day, purely reactive support
was popular. It was the way tech support did things: A problem happened, so we fixed it.

But in recent years things have changed, for the better. Businesses are realising that fewer unplanned calls to an IT helpdesk is a very good thing. You need a proactive partner who’s working away in the background to monitor, maintain and update your entire network.

The benefits go beyond saving time and money. Stopping things from going wrong can also increase your team’s motivation, improve your security, and help with future planning and budgeting. Do you know how proactive your current IT support really is? Take our proactive strength test to find out.


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