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How personal relationships are still vital in purchasing

With the use of more and more supplier portals and other ordering tools on the internet it may seem that personal relationships are no longer as vital as they used to be in the purchasing world, however, as we found out at the start of the COVID-19 outbreak, they are now perhaps more vital than ever.

Out of practically nowhere, the business world was left to contemplate how they could get the majority of their staff working from the safety of their own homes and suddenly everyone on the planet needed a laptop. This obviously enough created an unprecedented shortage of equipment for ourselves and many other businesses. The stock held at the majority of our suppliers dried up and like most people, we were finding it extremely difficult to obtain any laptops from our usual channels.

Enter our Operations Director, who contacted a long time business associate to see if he could supply any stock. Thankfully being able to call on the huge amount of goodwill and trust built up over their many years working together and even though we are a growing SME business who wouldn’t have the same buying power as other larger companies, he was able to procure what seemed to be the last 50-100 laptops left in the country to assist our own customers with their homeworking difficulties.

The stock of laptops we were able to obtain meant as a business we were able to ensure that our focus remained solely on our customers during this time. This was due in large part to the fact that so much time and effort was saved searching endless supplier portals and calls to account managers for laptops that didn’t exist. Time we could dedicate to providing the levels of service Sedcom has become synonymous with to their customers over the years. And the reason we were able to achieve all of this was because of the personal relationship our Director had built up with this particular supplier, personal relationships are still as vital as ever they were!

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